Angel Tournament Sponsorship

The Angel Project was founded in 2008 by Lisette Kingo after a visit to the Complex Care unit at Parkwood Hospital. Many patients spend decades in Complex Care units in hospitals and will never go home again. Accident victims, MLS, ALS patients and others who have been left without tools to fend for themselves and have been abandoned by their families and society. Hospital foundations are wonderful however they have such a large need to fill that the social agenda and Complex Care units are often left to the last. Do you know that hospitals do not provide what we consider basic needs to patients such as shaving cream? There are virtually no funds for recreational activities such as outings?

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few organizations that operates with minimal overhead, and a totally volunteer team and board of directors. The majority of all funds we raise go directly to our patients or the Complex Care Unit at the hospital.  At The Angel Project we not only raise funds to assist in at least one outing per eligible patient per year but also assist with basic needs such as providing soap, shaving cream, shampoo and even simple comforts such as stuffed animals, soft blankets or gifts at Christmas.  We also provide financial assistance to patients for vital equipment, such as voice boxes, to give patients a chance to be heard again, customized wheel chairs, ipads with retina displays to enable communication etc. We are excited that for the fist time one of our patients were able to leave the hospital after nearly 10 years with the help of funds for medical devices from the Angel Project. You can see videos and hear patients stories on our social media pages including Facebook. 

Our patients depend on the funds we raise through fund raising events and private donations through our website Just a moment of being able to get outside those four white hospital walls and show them that they are still alive, still worth something to someone in this world. We humbly ask for your assistance in making a difference in these people’s lives, the ones that have long ago been forgotten by most of us. 

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our 7th Annual Angel Tournament this year on November 22nd. This year the Tournament will take place at Nelson Arena in Burlington.  (Thank you to the city for donating the ice for this event) 

The Angel Tournament is Refereed by 4 time Olympic Gold medalist Becky Kellar and in previous years has sold out within hours of registration opening. It is a wonderful opportunity for hockey players to give back and become an “Angel On Skates” And an incredible opportunity to hear one of our own Olympians speak about what it takes to be part of a team.

Sponsors receive their name and logo on our Sponsor boards which are clearly displayed during our tournament. Previous years sponsor boards are still displayed at the Wave in Burlington a year later. They also receive shout outs on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as their logo and mentions in several of our news letters that reach over 700 local families. In previous years, our sponsors have also been mentioned in the Burlington Post, Snapd, Burlington Lifestyle, Halton Mom’s and more. The event creates a large buzz within the community. 

We are grateful for TIM HORTONS (2355 Trafalgar Road, Oakville) who is stepping up 1000 percent again for the 7th year with refreshments, breakfast AND snacks. 

Any raffle items are greatly appreciated as our raffle is absolutely spectacular each year and the crowd that comes to cheer on our Angels on Skates is huge. 

We truly appreciate any and all support of our tournament and would like to give a special shout out to PATS PARTY RENTALS who pulls out all the stops each year. With the Party Cade, Pop corn machine, games and cotton candy. 

Our patients are anywhere from age 18-80 and they are truly the forgotten ones. Imagine one day living a normal life, perhaps with a spouse and friends and in one moment every thing changes. A motor vehicle accident, a stroke a workplace accident. The first few months people gather at the hospital but s time passes so to does the support. Friends forget, spouses move on and patients are left paralyzed often without proper equipment and without even daily necessities. Help us give them a voice back. 

We humbly thank you for your support and we support those who support us. Through out the year there are constant mentions of our sponsors when we speak about our charity in the community. We greatly appreciate all and any support. 

Thank you so much for your consideration, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me or any member of our team. 

We are happy to work out individual or customized sponsorship packages to suit any budget.

Please contact us  to discuss the options of how you can support us this year!    

Kind Regards, 

Lisette Kingo
The Angel Project | (7936087 Canada Association) 

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another" - Lucretius