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The Angel Project

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What is the Angel Project and What do we do?

Our charity was founded in 2008 by Lisette Kingo after a visit to the Complex Care unit at Parkwood Hospital. Many patients spend decades in Complex Care units in hospitals and will never go home again; accident victims, MS, ALS patients and others who have been left without tools and the finances to fend for themselves and have been abandoned by their families and society. Hospital foundations are wonderful however they have such a large need to fill that the social agenda and Complex Care units are often left to the last. 

Do you know that hospitals do not provide what we consider basic needs to patients such as shaving cream or soap and there are virtually no funds for recreational activities such as outings? 

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few organizations that operate with minimal overhead, and a totally volunteer team and board of directors. The majority of  funds we raise through our website donations ( or various fundraising events, go directly to our patients or the Complex Care Unit at the hospital.  At The Angel Project we not only raise funds to assist in at least one outing per eligible patient per year , when possible we assist with the purchase of  items such as wheelchairs, voice boxes and speech computers. Although there are some provincial funding for these, it is not enough for patients who do not have enough to cover the patient portion, The wait for provincial funding is also excruciating . We also assist with basic needs such as providing soap, shaving cream, shampoo and even simple comforts such as stuffed animals, soft blankets or gifts at Christmas.  Our patients at Joe Brant Hospital (Burlington) and Parkwood Hospital (London) depend on the funds we raise through our fund raising events and private donations.

To help raise their awareness and build sustainable  support of The Angel Project, we have created a Hockey tournament, The Angel Tournament , to “skate for those who can’t”,  now in our Fourth year. We have details about the success of  last year’s event at This year we have of the City of Burlington and Nelson arena to host the tournament. We will have approximately 70 children involved in the tournament, all “skating for someone who can’t.” 

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